Does your child need a little extra help? 

Want to boost your child’s achievements at school or in life?

We  work with pupils, increasing their subject knowledge, improving self esteem, confidence and study skills.

Our methods include the Six Steps to Empowered Thinking program, which helps children to develop skills and techniques to aid positive and creative thinking.

We identify any potential barriers or hurdles to learning and overcome them using proven strategies.  Through our teaching methods we aim to shift a child’s mindset from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’ .

Our program can  help pupils achieve a meaningful level of academic success and open their minds to the possibilities there is in life.

Our Services

Tailored exactly to the individual needs of your child. Our private tutors offer support to children who have fallen behind and need a bit of help to catch up.
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Some children become so entrenched in their current difficulties that they can’t see anything positive about their abilities or even themselves! Mentoring can help.
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Join in activities that show how you can help create a positive environment for your child and learn the skills you need to better support your child’s education.
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I enjoyed every bit of it. The lecture was all on point (Positive Mental Attitude).

Dola Raheem - Parent

The workshop was very empowering for me and my child!

Kaylea Guthrie - Parent

I will continue to believe in myself and remember that if I put my mind to it, there’s nothing to it.


To continue to develop a Can-Do-It Attitude


On this program I’ve learnt that you need to believe to achieve.





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The Primary Learning Centre works in partnership with other educational organisations and individuals.
Together we hope to change the educational and life outcomes of all our children for the better.

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