Does your child need encouragement to help motivate and inspire them?

A Mentor can help!

Mentoring involves working with a child to identify and help overcome their learning barriers.

There are many different barriers to learning. Examples include academic, special educational needs, environmental, social or emotional factors.

Some children can become trapped in their current difficulties. they can’t see anything positive about their abilities or even themselves! Negative thinking can affect all areas of their lives and this may continue on into adulthood.

Our patient, friendly mentors work to build trust and understanding. This is crucial to helping a young person build the confidence to overcome their issues.

Some of the benefits from this kind of work are:

  • Improved self image, confidence and motivation
  • Raised expectations of their potential
  • Greater achievements and attainment
  • Better social skills, forming relationships with staff, peers and family
  • Improved attitude and behaviour both inside and outside of school
  • Improved attendance and punctuality, reducing exclusions
  • Greater adaptability when faced with new or challenging situations
  • Better at self-organisation and taking ownership of their problems.

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