Sexual assault is a heinous crime that plagues individuals, families, and communities. The stigma associated with this crime often prevents those who are victimized, from telling anyone about these occurrences. Although both men and women, regardless of demographics, are sexually assaulted, the experiences of Black men and women are significantly different. Black survivors face cultural and societal pressures, which significantly inhibit them from breaking the silence after being assaulted.

So the question is: What empowers Black men and women to speak up after their sexual assault? What can we as a community do to help?

It was discovered that the presence of social support and proper education about sexual assault are key components that can reduce stigma, liberate survivors, and empower Black men andwomen to speak up about being sexually assaulted.

Tune in to this episode of TPLC Educational Talkshow were we discuss this topic with Suraj Odekunle from The Man In The Mirror Project, tackling all forms of abuse in the Black Community

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