How we inspire your child to be great

Our online supplementary school offers educational support to children in full-time, part-time or home schooled education. We offer a unique curriculum covering the core subjects including Maths and English. We also cover Black History and Culture, Empowerment and Mindset. We use an inspirational approach, working with children to break down barriers to learning.

Our self-study material, group sessions and 121 tutoring will help your child:

  • Develop self-confidence,
  • Improve their performance at School and,
  • Introduce skills that will prepare them for success in life.

Sessions take place online using an innovative learning platform.

TPLC Academy aims to bring to parents, teachers, schools and the community
a range of educational, innovative products and services designed
to inspire, motivate, elevate and break barriers to learning
so that our children can grow and succeed in life exponentially.

TPLC Academy works in conjunction with Educators and Facilitators who have a vast amount of knowledge and a wealth of experience on empowering children and young people to open their minds, expand their horizons and explore how great they can be.

From learning your ABC and 123, to knowing your history, greatness and creating your future, our team will help your children to build the foundations that establishes who they are as a person, who they are as a people, who they can become when they truly understand and discover their genius self.

TPLC Academy brings to you

Educational Resources: Downloadable worksheets, resources, videos, book corner, writing corner, competitons and more.

Community: Join a community of like-minded parents and educators who all what to empower their children to learn, succeed and be the best that they can be.

Webinars: Video, Audio and Interactive webinars and radio talkshows to help you with every aspect of guiding your child through education.

The Classroom: A variety of educational courses designed to guide you step by step as you go along. Live classes, interactivity and continuous support.

Playtime: Relax with fun puzzles, jokes and games that allows you to learn while having fun

Fresh Content: New training, new guides, new courses and more, every month!

Our Courses

Empowerment / Mindset
Empowerment / MindsetFoundation Course
From I Can’t to I Can.
Our entry level course inspires and motivates children opening their young minds to a world full of new possibilities.
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Maths and English
Maths and EnglishKS2 / KS3
Six Steps to Empowered Thinking, your child will learn techniques for positive and creative thinking and improve their National Curriculum numeracy and literacy skills.
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Black History Studies
Black History StudiesChildren's Edition
Specially adapted for young learners, this course will enable children to get a full, broad and proper understanding of Black History and Culture.
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I enjoyed every bit of it. The lecture was all on point (Positive Mental Attitude).

Dola Raheem - Parent

The workshop was very empowering for me and my child!

Kaylea Guthrie - Parent

I will continue to believe in myself and remember that if I put my mind to it, there’s nothing to it.


To continue to develop a Can-Do-It Attitude


On this program I’ve learnt that you need to believe to achieve.





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The Primary Learning Centre works in partnership with other educational organisations and individuals.

Together we hope to change the educational and life outcomes of all our children for the better.

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