Does your child need a little extra help?

Does your child need a little extra help?

Want to boost your child’s achievements at school or in life?

Here at The Primary Learning Centre, we provide holistic education focusing on all aspects of a child’s learning through confidence-building, improving self esteem and self-belief. If your child believes that they can do it and can see themselves doing it, then they will!

Empower your child to discover their genius!

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Online Course on TPLC-Academy

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TPLC Educational Talk Show





TPLC Educational Talk Show…/11/tplc-educational-talk-show

Founder and Director of The Primary Learning Centre (TPLC), Melenie Hibbert, features on talk show ‘Talk The Ting’.

‘Talk The Ting’ is a discussion show hosted by TheSpirit and Jennisis; the topic of discussion is Education in the Black Community.

An honest and frank discussion about teaching our black children and the various challenges that impact their progress such as: Parenting, Behaviour, Racism and Society as a whole.

A lively conversation addressing the issues the black community and those associated with it, have in empowering our children to learn, succeed and be all that they can be.

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Dig Deep – Believe

We cannot tell ourselves this enough ‘Believe in yourself!

We are the biggest force that determines how we feel, how we act, what we do and ultimately who we are. In times of struggle, hardship and challenges, it’s our own minds that determines how severe the impact is! If we allow the negative thoughts to take over (i.e. I can’t do this, it’s not fair, I might as well quit, it’s never going to work, why me?) then you can virtually guarantee failure and pain! However…if we believe in ourselves and recognise that it is our choice how we react, how we respond to situations and circumstances; then we have the power to move in a direction that empowers us make decisions and go for what we want. In times of fear we need to dig deep within ourselves to face our fears and conquer our challenges and be triumphant!

Never let anyone or anything bring you down! Know your worth, believe in yourself and keep going! You are awesome!

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